• Image of Dollhouse Lolita Petticoat
  • Image of Dollhouse Lolita Petticoat

Beautiful petticoats made out of organza, super light and fluffy! Petticoats are designed to suit The Decora Factory's range of skirts and dresses and are specifically aligned to the skirt length. Perfect for adding a bit of poof and also giving that pleated look to your outfit!

These petticoats are also suitable for lolita clothing! They are a 'medium' petticoat, in that they are bigger than an A line but not as big as a cupcake petticoat. They are perfect for lolita dresses made out of lighter fabrics, or dresses which have in-built tulle and layers. We have tested the petticoats using Japanese brand lolita clothing, and they can be used for both classic and sweet lolita styles.

Petticoats are available in 3 sizes, S/M, L/XL and 2XL/3XL.
Please note: size S/M is sold out.

Prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD).


  • S/M
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  • L/XL
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  • 2XL/3XL
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